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Virtual E-sports Tournament: Madden 2021

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 2020-09-26 12:00:00 2020-09-26 17:00:00 America/Chicago Virtual E-sports Tournament: Madden 2021 E-sports virtual tournament Virtual BREC


BREC eSports Online Tournament Series Custom Rules for Madden NFL 2021

Settings for Gameplay 

  • Online Head to Head Gameplay 
  • Gameplay Difficulty: All Maden
  • Quarter Length: 4 Minute Quarters 
  • Acceleration Clock Off
  • No Foul Play: No Glitches or Exploiting gameplay


  1. Register through our online link and complete all questions.
  2. You will be sent an email confirming your acceptance into the tournament.
  3. Add BREC esports accounts on PlayStation and XBox to your friends list.
    1. a.     PSN Name: BRECesports
    2. b.     Xbox Live Account: BRECesports
  4. Registration Deadline will be noon the Friday before the tournament
  5. Tournaments will begin 12pm on Saturdays
  6. Brackets and schedule outline will be distributed by 9am on the day of the tournament.
  7. Once brackets have been posted, it will be up to the participants to find your matchup and add your first opponent to friends list or invite your opponent to a custom game.
  8. Create a custom head to head online matchup using rules provided by BREC.
  9. Games will be played on the 45-minute mark.
    1. Players may begin games when both players are ready,
    2. If a player is not present within 5 minutes of their scheduled game time, the player will forfeit the game,
    3. Games will last roughly 30 minutes,
    4. Scores must be reported immediately following the conclusion of your game. Both players are required to report the score,
    5. Participants will be notified on bracket updates at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the next round.
    6. All players are responsible for contacting their next opponent and setting up each round. Notifications will be sent through email and/or console Direct Message. Example: XBox Tournament Round 3 Winners Bracket at 2:30 pm will be (ID 1) and (ID 2).
  10. Reporting your scores: At the conclusion of your game, scores must be reported by both players. The preferred posting is via message send to BRECesports using your preferred console. You may also report scores by emailing your tournament host. Any reported score disputes between players will be settled by the tournament host.
  11. All players will be notified of the winner(s) at the conclusion of the game. The winner(s) will also be announced on BREC’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Registration Deadline: 09/25/2020

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