Special Events Permits, Applications and FeesSpecial Event Permits for Groups Over 75 Persons
BREC works hard to provide effective coordination of hundreds of special events requests every year while allowing for the protection of public park property and safe and equitable access for all park users.

Events will be determined to meet a special event classification when any of the following apply:
Will there be more than 75 people in attendance?
Is it a public or private event?
Is it a fundraiser?
Is it a non-profit or for-profit event?

Special event permits are subject to availability of the park site. BREC considers requests on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the time of the event, hte impact on neighboring residences, the intergrity of park property and any other scheduled events or activities.

Special Event Guidelines
All events require the issuance of a special event permit prior to event date. Click here to download a special event application.
Applicants must submit their request for special event permits at least 45 days in advance of the event date. BREC requires a written detaileed description of the proposed event prior to the issuance of the permit. A $10 application fee must accompony request for the special event. BREC wil approve or deny the application within 15 days of receiving the application.

Special Event Classification Levels
Level A
Individual groups of 75 persons or less bringing equipment onto park property other than a grill and/ or one 10' x 10' canopy must apply for a permit. Application fee of $10 applies.

Level B
Groups of 75-125 persons; examples could include a large birthday party, family reunion, class reuinion, wedding reception, repast/ funeral.

Level C
Groups of 125-500 persons; examples could include a large family reunion, class reunion, walk/ run, company/ church picnic, community/ neighborhood event.

Level D
Group of 500 or more people; the event must be conducted at Airline Highway Fairgrounds.

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