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Mountain Biking

BREC maintains two mountain bike trails, open daily from sunrise to sunset. Riders must wear helmets at all times.

Hooper Mountain Bike Trail 

6261 Guynell Drive (in the Sharon Hills subdivision)
Click here for a printable map! 
More than five miles of bicycle trails wind through the woods and over bluffs within BREC's Hooper Road Park. Check out the sign at the start of the Hooper Road Trail for maps and more information on future trail rides.

Comite River / Kerry Stamey Mountain Bike Trail

8900 Hooper Road
Click here for a printable map.
Five and a half miles of scenic beauty are located at the Comite River Bike Trail, which runs along the banks of the Comite River and Cypress Bayou. the trail is hilly with some steep terrain. More trails will be developed on this site in the near future.

Code of Ordinances, City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish, Title 12, Chapter 9, Sec. 12:602

NOTICE: LA R.S. 9:2795 provides a limitation of liability for owners of property, including public parks which are used for recreational purposes. This includes non-motorized vehicle operation, roller skating, rollerblading and skateboarding.
WARNING: Cycling is a potentially hazardous recreational activity. The risk of injury from cycling can be significant, including the potential for serious injury, disability, permanent paralysis and even death.

Park Safety

  • The bike trail is an unsupervised facility. Ride at your own risk.
  • Helmets and protective gear are strongly recommended.
  • Features can be dangerous in any condition.

Rider Safety

  • Ride within your abilities.
  • Stay on trails, riding off trails can cause damage to the park.
  • Respect trail closures.
  • Do not modify trails or features.
  • Do not skid out on trails.
  • Remain aware of other users at all times.
  • Strive to make each pass safe and courteous


Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association

Join the Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association and meet other mountain bike enthusiasts, and help maintain BREC's trails. BRAMBA works closely with BREC to help maintain the trails the third Sunday of every month from 8-10 a.m. For more information, visit www.BRAMBA.org.

Volunteers are welcome to join BREC and the Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association to assist in maintaining the trails. Workdays scheduled for 2016 are:

  • Feb. 20th at Hooper Rd Trail
  • April 10th at Comite River Trail
  • May 15th at Comite River Trail
  • Sept. 11th at Hooper Rd Trail
  • Oct. 8th at Comite River Trail

Workdays are from 8am-12pm. Tasks and materials will be on-site. For more information, call BREC at 225-272-9200, ext. 570 or email volunteer@brec.org.

Cycling at the Velodrome

Contact Information:
Jason Hoggatt: 225-272-9200, ext. 570, for group rides and events

225-766-9039 to schedule a night ride

For up-to-date details, photos, updates on closures/events and more, follow us at facebook.com/brecextremesports.

Hours of Operation: daylight hours, daily

Admission: free and open to the public

About the Velodrome

This 333-meter smooth concrete cycling track is one of only 15 in the United States. Cyclists can reach up to 35 mph during competition. Helmets are required.

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