Tuesday, April 7, 2020

BREC to Limit Access to Parking Lots, Close Gates for Easter Weekend

Historically Easter weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for BREC parks, as large groups traditionally gather to celebrate with picnics and crawfish boils. This year, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, BREC is taking steps to prevent large gatherings while still making parks and trails available to people for walking, hiking, bicycle riding and other healthy activity while continuing physical distancing. 

Fifty-Eight of BREC’s parks have gates that can close off the park to vehicular traffic. BREC staff will begin to close these gates as early as Wednesday, with a goal to have them all closed to limit access to parking lots by noon on Good Friday. You can find a list of the parks at the bottom of this page. 

All parks, except Frenchtown Road Conservation Area which is closed on weekends, will be available to those who can walk or ride their bicycles to the park closest to them.

“In addition to BREC staff monitoring parks, we are also working closely with elected officials, law enforcement and other agencies to ensure that we strike the proper balance between offering access to our parks for essential outdoor activities while ensuring visitors comply with CDC guidelines for physical distancing and Governor Edwards’ order to limit groups to under 10 people,” said BREC Superintendent Corey Wilson. “We are encouraged to see that even when there are what appears to be large numbers of people in our parks, most visitors are using the acreage provided to spread out and keep a proper distance from each other. We are taking steps this weekend to ensure that trend continues and to remind visitors not to let their guards down during this pivotal time in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Wilson.

Gates will reopen starting Monday morning and BREC staff will continue to monitor the use of parks, taking action, such as the removal of basketball goals, boarding off playgrounds, or closing parks altogether, when necessary to curb violations. All recreation centers, playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment and special use facilities such as the Zoo, tennis centers, golf course clubhouses, Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, Magnolia Mound and Farr Park Equestrian Center remain closed through April 30 in accordance with the Governor’s order.

For updates on the availability of BREC parks, visit BREC has also created a virtual portal to encourage people to remain at home and experience the park system through videos and activities highlighted on the page. It can be found at

Parks included:

  • Acadian Thruway Park
  • Bird Station Park
  • Cunard Avenue Park
  • Dayton Street Park
  • East Brookstown Park
  • Fortune Addition Park
  • Myrtle Street Park
  • Warren O. Watson Park
  • West Brookstown Park
  • 39th Street Park
  • Blackwater Conservation Area
  • Boulelvard de Province
  • Burbank Soccer Complex
  • Camelot Park
  • Cedarcrest Park
  • Central Sports Park
  • Cohn Nature Preserve
  • College Town Park
  • Comite River Park
  • Congress Park
  • Corporate Parkway
  • Droze Road Park
  • Duchess Drive Park
  • East Polk Street Park
  • Erich Sternberg Family Park
  • Flanacher Road Park
  • Flannery Road Park
  • Frenchtown Conservation Area
  • Gayosa Street Park
  • Gentilly Court Park
  • Hooper Road Park
  • Howell Community Park
  • Industriplex Park
  • James Watson Park
  • Kathy Drive Park
  • Kendalwood Road Park
  • Lafitte Street Park
  • LeBrent Avenue Park
  • Leeward Drive Park
  • Madison Avenue Park
  • Mary J. Lands Park
  • N. 14th Street Park
  • N. 18th Street Park
  • North Boulevard Park
  • North Street Park
  • Oak Villa Park
  • Parklawn Park
  • Perkins Road Community Park
  • Pinehurst Park
  • Railey Roshto Park
  • Riverbend Park
  • Roosevelt Street Park
  • Rue LeBoeuf Park
  • Spain Street Park
  • Spanishtown Park
  • Starwood Park
  • T. D. Bickham Jr. Park
  • Webb Park 
  • Woodlawn Acres Park
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