Summer Camps

2020 BREC Art camp

Counselors in Training Art Camp

Beginning in 2020 BREC CIT’s will go through certain aspects of actual camp training with our staff! They will learn fundamentals of dealing with young children, be taught the importance of camp safety and learn why our parks are so important to our environment and community. The second half of the week the CIT’s will engage in specific aspects of art camp and work on a two-day team art project. 


SESSION 1 May 26-29 / Ages: 14-17


Aspiring Artists Art Camp 

These weeklong sessions will offer creative and fun art-based projects as well as field trips and visits from professional artists. The elements of art such as color theory, line, texture, shape and form will be covered as well as an introduction to famous and infamous artists. All guised under an atmosphere of fun and encouragement!


SESSION 2 June 1-5 / Ages: 6-8

SESSION 3 June 8-12 / Ages: 6-8

SESSION 4 June 15-19 / Ages: 7-9

SESSION 5 June 22-26 / Ages: 7-9

SESSION 6 June 29-July 3 / Ages: 7-9

SESSION 7 July 6-10 / Ages: 10-13

SESSION 8 July 13-17 / Ages: 10-13



SESSION 1 June 1-5 / Ages: 7-9

SESSION 2 June 8-12 / Ages: 7-9

SESSION 3 June 15-19 / Ages: 6-8

SESSION 4 June 22-26 / Ages: 6-8

SESSION 5 June 29-July 3 / Ages: 10-13

SESSION 6 July 6-10 / Ages: 10-13


Creative Ideas Art Camp 

A NEW 2020 summer offering! This session of art camp will focus on crafty art projects using mixed media, upcycled items and found objects. Students will come to appreciate that art is everywhere and creative ideas are endless! Join us for our first session of creative thinking made with things we see every day.


SESSION 9 July 20-24 / Ages: 8-12

8 a.m.-5 p.m. 

$125 for East Baton Rouge Parish residents

$150 for out-of-parish residents 

225-272-9200 EXT 1505

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