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During this difficult time for East Baton Rouge parish, BREC is here for you! Refresh your mind online and outdoors with our Play & Grow Pros Refresh. Check out virtual versions of some of your favorite BREC activities and adventures. See which of parks still open and safe to visit as well as some ideas for you and your family to do that will revive and refresh your mind in a positive and safe way. Play, discover and grow safely with BREC today!

Visiting Parks

Governor John Bel Edwards listed going outdoors as an essential activity in his Stay at Home Order which has been extended to the end of April. BREC parks are the perfect place to go for fresh air, sunshine and calming green spaces that can help us all get through this uncertain time. While we have had to close down high-touch areas of our parks, we invite you to use the walking paths, trails and green spaces that allow people to receive the health benefits, both physical and mental, of nature while allowing you to follow the CDC guideline of staying 6-feet away from other people.

Want to be extra cautious during your visit? Our partners at the National Recreation and Park Association have prepared this handy guide to make sure your visit to BREC parks doesn’t put you, or anyone else, at a higher risk of spreading the virus. Click here to view the guide on Keeping a Safe Physical Distance in Parks and on Trails During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Full List of BREC Parks

For information about any closures, cancellations and suspensions, please visit BREC.ORG/COVID19

New to Hiking?
If you are new to hiking, we have a blog post just for you! It has some great tips from one of our own BREC team members new to the hiking game. Click here to join her as she takes you through three perfect places for beginners.

Hiking & Nature Trails

BREC Parks that are open and have hiking/trails:

State Parks & Trails near East Baton Rouge Parish


Looking for things to keep yourself and your family entertained during the quarantine? Try some of our activities available for download below!

Play & Grow Pro Video Series

Activities & Education
Building a Fort: Beginners
Frenchtown Road Conservation Tour
Magnolia Mound - Historical Introduction
Astronomy Chats at Highland Road Park Observatory - Nim
Park Bench Exercise
Magnolia Mound - The Pigeonnier & Privy
Astronomy Chats at Highland Road Park Observatory - Gravity
Building a Fort: Advanced
Magnolia Mound - The Kitchen
Astronomy Chats at Highland Road Park Observatory - Stars
Animal Encounters
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: American Alligator
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Gopher Tortoise
Baton Rouge Zoo: Spectacled Bear
Baton Rouge Zoo: Black Rhino
Baton Rouge Zoo: Siamang
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Corn Snake
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Norway Rats
Baton Rouge Zoo: North American River Otter
Baton Rouge Zoo: American Alligator
Baton Rouge Zoo: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
Baton Rouge Zoo: White-Tailed Deer
Baton Rouge Zoo: Pelicans
Baton Rouge Zoo: Giraffes
Baton Rouge Zoo: Tigers
Baton Rouge Zoo: Elk
Virtual Nature Experiences
Outdoor Meditation at Blackwater Conservation Area

Our Partners

Want to learn how to do stop-motion animation or make your own paint at home? Check out Knock Knock Children Museum on Vimeo for some cool instructional videos.

Not sure how to discuss the effects of COVID-19 with your kids? Slim Goodbody is here to help! Check out his "A Kid’s Guide to COVID-19" on YouTube.

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