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BREC Conservation
Bioblitz 2019
It's the Bioblitz!
Grab your field guides and boots and join BREC naturalists and local scientists as we document the diversity of life, or "biodiversity", at Hooper Rd. Park! This is a full 24 hours event starting on Friday and ending Saturday afternoon where experts and citizen scientists will search on land and water to find and identify as many species as humanly possible.

BREC's 2019 Bioblitz
April 5-6
Hooper Road Park

Class Field Experience

Click here to download the Class Field Experience Guide

Are you a teacher or a school representative? Sign your class up for this unique experience.
Have your class join BREC and local scientists as we try to document the diversity of life, or "Biodiversity" of Hooper Rd. Park. During this field experience students will have the opportunity to participate and collect data in a real Bioblitz.
Visit brec.org/bioblitz for more info on this fun, educational outing for your class.

Register Your Class Here

Participate in the 2019 Bioblitz
Want to be involved but not part of a school? Don't worry - we are looking for citizen scientists/participants, volunteers, scientists, experts, and vendors.
Visit brec.org/bioblitz for more info on how you can be involved in tons of ways including attending a hike, photography, bird banding, leading a hike and much more.

Register for Bioblitz 2019 Here


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