Human Dislike Button

Human Dislike Button

Who is the Human Dislike Button?

HDB is short of the Human Dislike Button. But his friends at BREC call him “H” for short. His life’s work is keeping the rules up to date and on the cutting edge. If a rule isn’t working, he works with everyone to make it better. “H” was so good at managing the rules at the BREC office that they assigned him to the parks, to make them better for everyone. So how did he get into this line of work? Watch the video below to learn about the amazing life story of “H.”

HDB's Guidelines

BREC has different sets of guidelines and policies that vary by the type of park or facility. Check out the list below to see how you can stay on HDB's good side.

What does HDB do for BREC?

The Human Dislike Button is a valuable member of the BREC team. He likes to be hands on, really get out there and connect with the people Check out a few of HDB's friendly reminders below.

HDB and Trash Troubles

Littering is bad for the environment - and that means BREC parks. H reminds us how awesome trash cans and recycling bins can be!

HDB and the Gamer Gaffes

Sports are a big deal to a lot of people and sometimes fans can get a bit.... "enthusiastic". H helps fanatics remember their sportsmanship.

HDB and the Liberty Lagoon Louse

Where is it especially important to follow the rules? Around water. H reminds us that pool fun doesn't mean forsaking the rules.

HDB and Hound Horrors

Man's best friend. Your prized pooch. Your furry friend. A trip to the dog park can make for an excellent day of bonding, but H is there to make sure that cantankerous canine doesn't ruin your trip.

HDB and the Night Nuisances

When the sky is closed for the night, so are BREC neighborhood parks. So while it might seem like a good idea to grab a few beers, make an impromptu fire pit and get the "amazing" playlist cranked on your bluetooth speaker - nope. Shut it down, Mr. DJ.

HDB and the Rules Review: Part 1

Who knows the rules for BREC parks and facilities? The Human Dislike Button does! And no one knows them better. In this edition of his amazing presentation, HDB gives you some of the basics, including one of his favs.

HDB and the Rules Review: Part 2

The Human Dislike Button - the rules guy for BREC parks - returns with another AMAZING presentation. It's best to pay attention because you don't want to get caught breaking rules in a park by THIS GUY.