Enjoy one of life's simple pleasures. Get in some fishing at one of BREC's lakes.

Park NameAddressSize
Blackwater Conservation Area 9385 Blackwater Road, Baton Rouge total 8.5 acres
Burbank Park Lake 12400 Burbank Drive, Baton Rouge 4 acres
Central Sports Park Lake 10501 Lovett, Central 2.8 acres
City Brooks Community Park Lake 1515 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge 50 acres
Doyle Bayou 7801 Port Hudson-Pride Road, Pride .5 acres
Flanacher Road Park Lake 864 Flanacher Road, Zachary 1 acre
Forest Community Park Lake 13950 S. Harrells Ferry Road  
Greenwood Community Park Lake 13350 Hwy. 19, Baker 18.1 acres
Highland Road Community Park Lake  (in design), 13800 Highland Road, Baton Rouge 2.5 acres
Hooper Road Park Lake 6261 Guynell Drive, Baton Rouge 2.5 acres
Milford Wampold Memorial Park (University Lake), 901 Stanford Ave., Baton Rouge 195 acres
North Sherwood Forest Community Park Lake 3140 N. Sherwood Forest Drive Baton Rouge,2.7 acres
Hartley/Vey Sports Park Lake 2615 Oak Villa Blvd., Baton Rouge 2.8 acres
Palomino Drive Park Lake 14100 Palomino Drive, Central 1.2 acres
Perkins Road Community Park Lake 7122 Perkins Road Baton Rouge 1.3 acres
Zachary Community Park Lake  Hwy. 964, Zachary 2.5 acres

Looking for information on our annual Rainbow Trout Stocking? Visit our Rainbow Trout Stocking page.

Hours of Operation

  • City Park, Doyle's Bayou, N. Sherwood Forest and Blackwater are open seven days a week during daylight hours.
  • The Oak Villa Lake is open to the public only when BREC is holding softball league play or a tournament.
  • For fishing in BREC ponds, you do not need a special license, just a basic fishing license from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Remember the following rules

  • BREC offers bank fishing only
  • No trotlines
  • Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries laws must be followed
  • Parks close at dark