Summer Camps

2022 BREC Art camp

Aspiring Artists Art Camp

These weeklong sessions will offer creative and fun art-based projects as well as field trips and visits from professional artists. The elements of art such as color theory, line, texture, shape and form will be covered as well as an introduction to famous and infamous artists. All guised under an atmosphere of fun and encouragement!
Session 1: June 6-10 / Ages: 6-8
Session 2: June 13-17 / Ages 6-8
Session 3: June 20-24 / Ages: 7-9
Session 4: June 27-29 + July 1 / Ages: 7-9
Session 5: July 4-8 / Ages: 7-9
Session 6: July 11-15 / Ages: 10-13
Session 7: July 18-22 / Ages: 10-13


Animal Crackers Art Camp - Registration Activity #209180

All pets, all week is the theme of this fun camp for pet lovers! Paintings of pups, clever cats, glittery goldfish, beautiful birds, funky ferrets and more all have a place in this art inspired pet menagerie!
July 25-29 / Ages: 7-11

C.I.T (Counselor in Training) - Registration Activity #209180

This 4-day workshop/camp is for those BREC lifers who have an interest in art and have aged out but want to continue their summers with BREC or for any aspiring art counselor. How to engage school aged children, rules and etiquette of group settings, teaching tips, creativity for all ages and, of course, ART are all part of this informative, fun session. Lunch and snacks are included!
May 31 + June 1-3 / noon-5 p.m. / Ages: 14-17

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
$125 for East Baton Rouge Parish residents
$150 for out-of-parish residents

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