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BREC Open: Wi-Fi in BREC Parks

About the Services

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In 2015, BREC launched it's very own Wi-Fi service to be offered in parks around East Baton Rouge Parish. BREC Open is a Wi-Fi service offering park visitors the choice of 3 different packages:

  • Basic - free serivce that has no download limits but has slower speeds and is limited to two hours per day
  • Premium 4 hour - a $5 service option that lifts the speed and priority restrictions allowing visitors the additional bandwith requred to hold video conferences, watching streaming video, and download larger files
  • Premium 2GB - a 30pday service that allows 2GB of downloaded/uploaded content or 30 days of Premium Access, whichever comes first. Premium packages are tied to a specific device and allow Premium Access at all Wi-Fi locations.

Customers can purchase Premium packages securely through their mobile devices with a credit card, debit card, gift card, or a prepaid card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club) or soon through the purchase of a voucher from most BREC locations using cash, check or credit card.

BREC Open Availability

BREC Open Wi-Fi is available at the following locations:

  • Anna T. Jordan Community Park
  • Antioch Boulevard Park
  • Baker Recreation Center
  • Baringer Road Park
  • Beaver Creek Park and Golf Course
  • Ben Burge Park
  • Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
  • Burbank Soccer Complex
  • Cedar Ridge Avenue Park
  • Church Street Park
  • City-Brooks Community Park
  • Drusilla Lane Park
  • Dumas Memorial Golf Course
  • Expressway Park
  • Farr Park Equestrian Center
  • Flannery Road Park
  • Flanacher Road Park
  • Forest Community Park
  • Greenwood Community Park
  • Gus Young Park
  • Hartley/Vey Sports Park
  • Highland Road Community Park
  • Hooper Road Park
  • Independence Community Park
  • J.S. Clark Park and Golf Course
  • Jefferson Highway Park
  • Kathy Drive Park
  • Kernan Avenue Park
  • Liberty Lagoon
  • Longfellow Park
  • Lovett Road Park
  • Magnolia Mound
  • Mills Avenue Park
  • Milton J. Womack Park
  • Monte Sano Park
  • North 14th Street Park
  • North Sherwood Forest Community Park
  • North Street Park
  • Palomino Park
  • Perkins Road Community Park
  • Plank Road Park
  • Red Oaks Park
  • Saia Park
  • Santa Maria Golf Course
  • Sports Academy
  • T. D. Bickham, Jr. Park
  • Webb Memorial Park and Golf Course
  • Zachary Community Park

The signals for the service are strongest inside the BREC facilities and extend about 100-200 feet from the building. Signs indicating service areas are located at each site. BREC monitors the usage and demand to determine where to install additional hardware to expand the reach of the Wi-Fi signal.

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