Summer Camps

2022 Nature Explorers Summer Camp

14100 Palomino Dr, Central, LA

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Nature Explorers Camp is all about getting your child outside for a hands-on exploration of nature at BREC’s Palomino Drive Park. Campers will explore the campus, learn new things, and enjoy the great outdoors. Age-specific activities are designed to keep your camper engaged, learning, and having a blast all week long. These will include themed outdoor games, fishing, hiking, canoeing, crafts, and experiments.
We also offer a week-long Counselors in Training program so that your young adult can learn about becoming a natural resource professional while getting job training and experience. Additionally, we offer Expedition weeks for the campers looking to take their explorations to the next level.

Counselors In Training: Naturalist Workshop

This week teens will take their nature interests to the next level. We will cover leadership skills, education program planning, careers skills and options in natural resources and other science fields, camper management, networking, and more! Once completing this week, teens have the option of assisting with camp throughout the summer for additional experience.
Session 0C: May 31- June 3 / Ages 14-17

Ecosystem Explorations

Ecosystem Exploration sessions will break down the natural world through exploration and play. Campers will learn about nature’s functions and the different ecosystems and the organisms within them. They will adventure into swamps, forests, and rivers; hiking, splashing, and investigating the who, what, and how of local habitats. No bug, fish, bird, or fungus is off-limits in this wild exploration of native Louisiana Ecosystems.
Session 1: June 6-10 / Ages: 7-10
Session 2: June 13-17 / Ages: 10-13
Session 4: June 27-July 1 / Ages: 7-10
Session 7: July 18-22 / Ages: 7-10

Expedition Week: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Resurrecting frogs, invisible insects, immortal jellyfish, supersonic shrimp, glowing sharks? The world is full of truly fantastic beasts and these are only the ones we know about. Join us this week at a look at the cool, creepy, amazing, magical world of beasts. We will take a close look at the spell-binding creatures that have been found on earth and even investigate the cryptid beasts of lore and legend that still perplex researchers to this day.
Session 3: June 20-24 / Ages: 7-10
Session 8: July 25-29 / Ages: 10-13

Expedition Week: Wilderness Survival Adventure

Ever wonder what it would be like to rough it in the wild? This week we dive headfirst into survival techniques, skills, and knowledge that you would need to survive in the wilderness. Follow us on this adventure where we will paddle, fish, hike and explore what it would be like to survive in the wild.
Session 6: July 11-15 / Ages: 10-13

Expedition Week: A Bug’s Life

What’s small and crawls and is fun to hunt for? Bugs! Join us for a week focused on the insect world where we will be digging in the dirt and swinging nets through the air in our search for bugs. We will explore sampling techniques and spend a moment in their buzzing, flying, crawling world as we learn all about the lives of insects and spiders.
Session 9: Aug. 1-5 / Ages: 7-10

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Early drop-off 7:30 a.m. / Late pick-up 5:30 p.m.
No additional fee
$125 per East Baton Rouge Parish resident
$150 per out-of-parish resident

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