Summer Camps

2022 Zoo Summer Camp

Registration begins:
February 26 for East Baton Rouge Parish residents
To register:

Guess Zoo’s Coming to Dinner

Do you know how much a rhino eats in a single day? Ever wondered what’s on the menu for our tigers or tapirs? This session will teach campers about animal consumer groups. Whether it’s an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, campers will learn the different adaptations that make animals predators or prey.
Session 1: May 23-27 / Ages: 5-7

Creature Features

We’ll look deep into a tiger’s eyes, hear stories about an owl’s ears, and sniff out the facts about how ferrets smell. Campers may find out they have a lot in common with our furry, feathered, and scaly friends!
Session 2: May 30-June 3 / Ages: 5-7

Stranger Things

Nature is just weird! Discover kooky creatures, weird wildlife, and bizarre beasts. And find out the reasons behind their odd adaptations and unusual behaviors.
Session 3: June 6-10 / Ages: 8-10

Communication Breakdown

What if humans didn’t have phones, computers, or even voices to rely on to communicate with each other? Animals use many tools to communicate such as visual displays, scent marking, and even tactile signals. Campers will learn to turn the volume down a notch and explore creative methods of communication.
Session 4: June 13-17 / Ages: 8-10

Legends, Myths, and Monsters

What do dragons, unicorns, big foot, and sea serpents have in common with real animals? This week we will learn about mythical beasts, folklore, and legends that have inspired the imagination for thousands of years, and we will create our very own mythological creature with a natural history all its own!
Session 5: June 20-24 / Ages: 11-13

Animal Outlaws

Are snakes slimy? Do vultures really circle over an animal waiting for it to die? We’ll explore the origins of bad reputations and uncover the truth about misunderstood creatures.
Session 6: June 27-July 1 / Ages: 5-7

Now You See Me

Are you a master of disguise? Wild animals depend on their ability to blend-in in order to survive. We’ll learn about the signs that animals leave behind and how to find creatures hidden in plain sight.
Session 7: July 4-8 / Ages: 5-7


Most people go from sunrise to sunset, with work hours of nine to five. If you’re an animal, your schedule may be different! Many animals certainly benefit from sleeping and waking at “odd” hours of the day. Campers will pick apart how an animal’s daily routine may differ from their own.
Session 8: July 11-15 / Ages: 8-10

Brought to You By…

Have you ever stopped to think about why we eat cereal endorsed by tigers and toucans, or why we cheer for a football team with a loveable tiger mascot? Animals are a huge source of inspiration for human stories, inventions, logos and more. Campers will spend some time considering the symbolic representation and cultural importance of various iconic animals in our everyday lives.
Session 9: July 18-22 / Ages: 8-10

That’s a Wrap

Snuggled up in a warm fur coat or hidden inside a rock-hard shell, we’ll explore the wild world of wildlife wraps in this exciting week of camp!
Session 10: July 25-29 / Ages: 5-7

$130 per child for East Baton Rouge Parish residents
$152 per child out-of-parish
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Early drop off 7:30 a.m. / Late pick up 5:30 p.m.
No additional fee
Registration begins February 26
Registration fees are non-refundable

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