Special Facilities Rentals

Rentals - Special Facilities

Airline Fairgrounds

Contact: 225-273-6400
Pavilion Only: $500 per day
Fairgrounds (commercial rental w/o admission): $1,200 per day
Fairgrounds (commercial rental w/ admission): $4,000 per day
Fairgrounds (non-profit w/ admission): $2,000 per day

Baton Rouge Zoo Rentals

Contact: (225)-775-3877 ext. 6253.
Capital One Pavilion - Daytime Events: $150 per hour or $350 per day
plus group rate admission for all guests
Capital One Pavilion - Evening Events(5pm or later): $1000
includes up to 200 guests
Education Building Rental: $75 per hour
BR Zoo reserves the right to provide catering services for all daytime event rentals. Pricing subject to menu selections and guest count. Entertainment rentals and educational programs also available. Contact Event Sales Manager for more info.

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center Rentals

Contact: swampevents@brec.org
Exhibit Building - After 5 p.m. & on Mondays: $150 per hour
Exhibit Building - After 5 p.m. & on Mondays (Non-Profit Rate for a 4 hour rental): $125 per hour
Duck (Conference) Room: $40 per hour
Luna Room: $30 per hour
Education Building - After 5 p.m. & on Mondays: $120 per hour
Cypress (Conference) Room: $60 per hour
Tupelo Room: $50 per hour
Swamp Pavilion on the Trails: $30 per hour
Full Site Rental - 4 hours: $1,500 per rental
Full Site Rental - Additional hour: $380 per hour
GPS Unit for Boy & Girl Scouts: $5 per day

*Set up and take down included in rental time
Room rentals are only available during operating hours

Baton Rouge Garden Center at Independence Botanical Gardens Rentals

Contact: 225-928-2270
Due to limited office hours, please leave voice mail when calling or send Fax.
Garden Center Hours of Operation: Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.
Description Fee
Reservation Fee for Fridays & Sundays $250
Rental Fee for Fridays & Sundays $800
Total Fee for Fridays & Sundays $1050
Reseravtion Fee for Saturdays $300
Rental Fee for Saturdays $900

*A $200 deposit is required to hold a date; cancellation with more than two months notice is required to get $50 back from the deposit; less than two months notice forfeits the entire deposit. If the event is carried out, the $200 deposit acts are damage deposit, returned upon satisfactory cleaning and no damages to the Center.

Farr Park Equestrian Center & RV Park Rentals

Contact: 225-769-7805
Arena - Full day: $450
Arena - Half day: $250
Arena - Hourly: $30 per hour
RV Overnight Stay: $35 per night

Independence Park Theatre Rentals

Contact: Alvin Temple
Visit theparktheatre.com for information rentals

Staff and equipment rentals also available. Contact Theatre staff for more information

Liberty Lagoon Rentals

Contact: libertylagoon@brec.org
Visit libertylagoon.com for information rentals

Check Liberty Lagoon website to see start date for rentals

Magnolia Mound Rentals

Contact: 225-343-4955
The Barn (La Grange) - 4 hours: $800
The Barn (La Grange) - Additional hour: $150 per hour
The Hart House - 4 hours: $500
The Hart House - Additional hour: $75
Full Site - 4 hours: $1,250
Full Site - Additional hour: $150
Turner Visitors Center Mini Theatre - 4 hours: $150
Turner Visitors Center Mini Theatre - Additional Hour: $25 per hour
Turner Visitors Center Exhibit Area - 4 hours: $500
Turner Visitors Center Exhibit Area - Additional Hour: $100 per hour
Education Center (Berwick House) - 4 hours: $600
Education Center (Berwick House) - Additional Hour: $150 per hour

Milton J. Womack Building Rentals

Contact: 225-272-9200 ext. 1400
The Milton J. Womack Administrative Headquarters has multiple small meeting rooms as well as a large ballroom facility. These spaces are available for rental for private use, for Non-Profit organizations, & for governmental agencies. Contact our team for more information.

North Sherwood Virtual Park Rentals

Contact: 225-275-0568
Birthday Party - Minimum 2 hours: $15
Birthday Party - Additional Hour: $40
Party Pack: $3
Refundable Damage Deposit: $150

Santa Maria Banquet Facility Rentals

Contact: Allissa Mattocks
Facility Rental - 4 hours: $500