Ward Creek Greenway


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  • Greenway/Connectivity Trail

Both Dawson Creek Greenway and Ward Creek Greenway were recognized by the BREC Commission in 2008 as linear parks with the potential to connect several Baton Rouge parks and destinations. Together, they will create the “Health Loop,” a planned route eventually reaching over 10 miles. Multiple segments of the Ward Creek Greenway have been constructed, beginning in 2013, with completed portions at Essen Lane to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital (0.75 mi) and from Bluebonnet Boulevard to Siegen Lane Marketplace (3.2 mi). The Bluebonnet Extension is currently under construction, connecting the greenway from Bluebonnet to the Baton Rouge General Medical Center. Plans to expand both west to the LSU Rural Life Museum and east to Pecue Lane are underway. Ward Creek Greenway is planned to span approximately 7 miles and connect to Dawson Creek, creating the Health Loop route.



9311 Mall of Louisiana Blvd.
10255 The Grove Blvd.
10650 S Mall Dr.

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