You Imagined, We Delivered Gold

 Your Parks, Our Purpose

BREC commissioned a study from the nationally respected organization Trust for Public Land to determine a dollar value for the impact the park system has on the East Baton Rouge Parish economy, the health of its residents and the benefits it provides to the environment. The study was conducted over a three-year period and uses the most conservative methodology to arrive at its conclusions. The bottom line: your investment in BREC parks is directly responsible for upgrades to parks that save taxpayers millions in economic, health and environmental benefits.



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As the end of the Imagine Your Parks 2 plan is coming to an end, it is time to work together to create a new, ten-year master plan. We will work throughout 2023, to find out what you want to see next from your park system and create shorter strategic plans through the next decade to ensure that we keep up with the latest trends, community desires and system needs. 


 Imagine Your Parks

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In 2004, BREC partnered with the community to reimagine what had become an aging park system comprised of mostly neighborhood parks and some special use facilities. Nearly 20 years later, the Imagine Your Parks strategic plan coupled with a tax approved by the community has resulted in 12 (soon to be thirteen) large community parks, a growing network of trails, a family-sized water park, six dog parks, a 30-thousand square foot extreme sports park, splash pads, expanded and air-conditioned recreation centers, conservation areas and transformational projects like the Zoo and Greenwood Community Park, the Lakes Project and much more. To see portfolios showcasing nearly 20-years of working with the community to transform the park system, visit


 Gold Medal

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BREC is proud to bring the parks and recreation equivalent of the national championship to East Baton Rouge Parish. It marks the third time in our 75-year history that BREC has been named the number one large park system in the country.  To see how we did it and what it means for East Baton Rouge Parish, go to


 75+ Years of Service

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BREC was created by the Legislature in 1946 as a special park district so that it would have a stable, taxpayer approved source of funding separate from the state and City-Parish. Since that time, BREC has grown to a system comprised of 175 parks, achieved accreditation an unprecedented six times, won three national gold medals and numerous local, state, regional and national awards and, most importantly, served millions of people with innovative programs, events and facilities. To see a virtual timeline, visit


 Enjoy YOUR Park System

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With 175 parks and more than a thousand programs and events each year, BREC offers something for nearly everyone. We have developed an easy way for you to know what is going on in your park system each month so you, your family and friends can take advantage of the free or low-cost activities throughout the parish. To learn about programs and events being held this month, visit