Blackwater Conservation Area

57.48 Acres


  • Restrooms
  • Conservation Area
  • Lake
  • Nature Trails
  • Pavilion
  • Walking Track/Loop – Outdoor
  • Fishing

Blackwater Conservation Area opened in 2002 and is one of BREC's renowned conservation areas. The naturalized park offers two large fishing lakes, nature trails and pavilion with restrooms. The trees on the 57.48 acre site represent native species such as: Bald Cypress, Tupelo Gum, Cottonwood, River Birch, Red Mulberry, Persimmon, Pines and Oaks

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The area was an abandoned site once used as a dirt/gravel mine. In 1998, the City/Parish had located this site as a mitigation area for drainage projects. The Corps suggested that the City/Parish consider the rest of the site as an ecosystem restoration under the authority of Section 206 of the 1996 Water Resources Development Act.

The Blackwater Conservation Area was developed through the cooperation between the Army Corps of Engineers - New Orleans District, the City of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish, and the Parks and Recreation Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC).


Rules and Regulations

Blackwater Conservation Area is set aside to protect local habitat and provide a place for wildlife to flourish.  We need your help to keep it clean and safe for the wildlife that lives here and for the public that use it for outdoor recreation such as fishing and hiking.  Remember to leave the park as you found it or better and follow the motto “Leave only footprints, take only pictures”.  Please pack out your trash so that future visitors have a clean, beautiful park to enjoy. 

  • Hunting & shooting prohibited. This is a conservation area with hikers on trails. To report hunting or fishing violations, contact LDWF (800) 442-2511. City Parish Ordinance Title 13, Sec. 13:1010, 13:1011
  • Dogs welcome on a leash. Dogs must stay on a leash at all times and their waste disposed of properly. Please pick-up after your pet. City Parish Ordinance Title 14, Chapter 2 Sec. 14-204
  • Leave No Trace. Dispose of waste properly; what you pack in, you should pack out. Trash pollutes the land and water, which is harmful to wildlife.
  • Do not enter private property. BREC’s land ends at the Comite River and does not include the opposite bank.
  • Park open from sunrise to sunset. Overnight camping and campfires are not allowed.City Parish Ordinance Title 12, Chapter 3, Sec. 12:207-272
  • Collecting prohibited. Picking and collecting plant and animal products is not allowed and disturbs the environment.
  • Respect wildlife. Refrain from feeding, harassing, killing, or displacing animals. Wild animals, including venomous snakes, are present.
  • Fishing license required. Follow Louisiana Fishing Regulations as set by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
  • Event permit required. A permit from BREC is required for large events (20+ people) and loud music or amplified sound is not allowed in BREC Conservation Areas.

Please respect the park by abstaining from the following:

  • Driving motorized vehicles within the park
  • Possession or use of drugs or alcohol
  • Vandalism
  • Profane language
  • Digging, excavating or use of metal detectors

CAUTION This park is a conservation area set aside to protect habitat and the wildlife and plants within. This area may contain wildlife such as snakes, ticks, coyotes and alligators and the potential to come in contact with plants such as poison ivy. Please use caution and wear appropriate attire for hiking.

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Scientific Research

All scientific research occurring on BREC property requires a Research Permit, issued by the Conservation Department. For more information: BREC.ORG/CONSERVATION